ATSI Educational Foundation

The ATSI Educational Foundation is a community that was established for the purpose of education and scientific research activities. The Foundation aims to assist others in building a better future and empowering the development of educational solutions. Based on preserving and harnessing more opportunities in the industry, the ATSI Educational Foundation bridges the gap between local and international markets. 

The Need

It all started in 1991, when then ATSI President, Jim Marchbank spoke at the annual convention in San Antonio, TX. At the event, Jim held a major fundraiser for the organization and asked for pledge donations from individuals to become honorary Trustees. While the energizing theme to Rocky played in the background, Jim raised $30,000 in a matter of minutes.

Inspired by industry professionals, the ATSI Educational Foundation opens pathways to excellence. The educational opportunities delivered by the Foundation include funding projects that support programs that not only benefit the TAS industry but a wide range of others as well.

Our Impact

The Educational Foundation continues to fund projects which include recording education opportunities (speakers at our annual conference), video recording learning opportunities (webinar presentation from members and other industry influencers) as well as programs contributing to the HIPAA training platform.

Together, ATSI and the Educational Foundation have provided a spectrum of opportunities for others to explore, apply to and succeed in growing their businesses and their future.

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2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Chairman: Tifani Leal

Board of Trustees
Chairman-Elect: Tim Neville
Vice-Chairman: Mark Hastings 
Vice-Chairman Secretary: Doug Robbins
Vice-Chairman Treasurer:  Robin Bailey
Trustee: Susan Mealer             
Executive Vice-Chair: Darrin Hubbard                       

Executive Director
Sarah Ewald, AE
[email protected]