ATSI is the international trade association that was established by and for the call center and answering service owners and operators. Supporting our members since 1991, our growth is a testimony to many professionals in the teleservices industry who seek quality control processes, training protocols, and unbiased call quality assurance feedback.

Below, is a listing of the many ways you can participate in receiving third-party validation and ATSI's endorsement for earned quality control and assurance for your TAS or call center business. These awards add significant credibility and increase your differentiation within the industry as a whole.

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Award of Excellence

Recognizes that excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call. This award is earned by a company through the judging the handling of calls placed by mystery callers and judged against specific criteria.

There are very specific and rigorous scoring protocols that are used when determining an Award of Excellence winner. This list includes:

  • Call Response Time
  • Courteousness of the Call Agent
  • Accuracy of Call
  • Knowledge of Account
  • Overall Impression of Call

The ATSI Award of Excellence is a great way for members and their employees to evaluate how they are providing service to their clients. It enables them to identify the areas that they are doing well in and where they can improve call taking skills. The Award of Excellence was created as a means to improve the overall quality of the TAS and call center industry by setting expectations and measurements to ensure a successful caller experience.


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Call Center Award of Distinction

This award is an exclusive hybrid to the Award of Excellence that focuses on longer, more complex call taking. Agents are graded on their ability to follow your client's custom scripts without sounding robotic while delivering the impression of being knowledgeable and to complete the given scripted requirements to deliver a "WOW" experience to callers.

After a rigorous six months of testing, independent judges score call agents on their ability to deliver an enhanced caller experience focusing on agent courtesy, etiquette, and the use of proper call techniques, as well as response time and accuracy.  This program is a powerful tool to assist your company in fulfilling these cornerstones of the quality answering service and call center services.

Here is a listing of typical accounts that participate in this program.

  • Order Entry
  • Fulfillment
  • Registration
  • Surveys
  • Web Applications
  • Escalated Emergency Response
  • Reservations
  • Help Desk
    Certification Hall of Fame
This program recognizes those ATSI certified front line staff who have made a substantial contribution to individual member firms during the year. The award is made at the ATSI Annual Conference.
 ATSI President's Award

The ATSI President's Award recognizes ATSI members that have given tirelessly to the profession in a volunteer capacity. Award recipients contribute their time, expertise, and leadership in support of the association's mission and goals. Giving back to the profession as a Board or committee member, President Award recipients are always willing to jump in, problem solve, lead and more importantly, share their knowledge so their peers can be successful.

 Learning By Association Sharing Award

Created by industry legend, Larry Goldenberg, Co-Founder of Direct Line Tele Response, this Award recognizes the many contributions members of our industry make to one another on a daily basis. Recipients are well known within our community for their generosity of spirit in sharing the insight and knowledge they have gained over their years in the industry.

 Hall of Fame Recipients  

The ATSI Hall of Fame Award is given to deserving individuals in appreciation and recognition for their contributions to the Tele Services industry. The awards are presented at the association's annual conference to members who have demonstrated the core values, commitment to peer group success and the industry as a whole.

 Maryann Wetmore Lifetime Achievement Award 

The Maryann Wetmore Lifetime Achievement Award was developed in 2014 and is the highest-ranking award from the association.  Named in honor of industry leader, Maryann Wetmore, this award is presented to individuals that have made significant contributions to the industry. 

All of the above-mentioned awards serve as a benchmark for businesses operating in the teleservices industry. They are also symbols of achievement, hard work, professional success and personal goals reached.

On a wider scale, any ATSI awards serve as guidelines for others who aspire to make great contributions to the industry — and motivation for others to reach for even higher levels of success.

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