Certification Hall of Fame

ATSI 24/7 Certification Programs consist of 4 areas of credentialing for the telephone answering service industry — Agent, Advanced Agent, Supervisor and Site. Its stated goal is to help a call center achieve "four nines" or 99.99% annual run time by demonstrating proficiency in "the best set of business practices" available in the telemessaging industry.

24/7 Site Certification Program sets forth over sixty criteria that must be met to achieve certification. The criteria cover 3 main areas – business practices, operations and personnel. Business practices include such items as appropriate licenses, insurance and life safety. Operations is the largest portion of the program and covers equipment minimums, system maintenance procedures, back-ups, network security and emergency procedures. The final third of the program covers items relating to personnel in terms of hiring practices, training and continuing education, and processes for ongoing employee evaluations and development.

The other three components of the ATSI 24/7 certification programs include Agent, Advanced Agent (Dispatcher) certification and Supervisor certification. These programs allow staff members to demonstrate their level of proficiency in performing their jobs in the call center environment.

2015 Award Winners not awarded as of yet.

Agent Certification

The Agent Certification Program is designed and written for the Telephone Answering Service industry to certify and accredit their staff of Customer Service Representatives / Telephone Service Representatives.

Successful candidates have demonstrated excellence in three areas: completion and testing under the Interactive Training Program, successfully passing a comprehensive written examination of Call Handling skill sets, and an oral interview testing customer service issues and problem calls with a certified examiner.

  • A Better Answer Inc.
  • Aaron Nicolas Diek
  • ACC
  • Accurate Messages
  • ACT Teleservices
  • Advantage Telemessaging 
  • Alert Communications 
  • Allgood Comm, Inc dba Executive Services
  • AMAC -- ACT TeleServices
  • American Mediconnect
  • Anserve, Inc
  • Answer 1 Communications -- Phoenix AZ
  • Answer Fort Smith
  • Answer One, Inc
  • Answer Quick
  • Answering Advantage
  • AnswerOne -- Brooklyn
  • AnswerOne, Inc
  • AnswerPro Limited
  • AnswerTel of Athens, Inc
  • Billie Clarke's Answering Service
  • Business Extension Services
  • Carolyn's Communications
  • Combined Communications
  • Communications Center
  • Concorde Communications
  • Cosmopolitan Medical Communications
  • Dexcomm
  • Direct Line Tele Response
  • Emerald Coast Answer Phone
  • Focus Comm Centers
  • Information Communications Group
  • Keener Communications Inc
  • Kent Hospital
  • Keystone Answering Service
  • King Communications
  • Kings-Shreveport
  • King's Telemessaging 
  • Main Line Communications TAS One Services Inc
  • MainLine Telecommunications
  • MD OnCall Acquistion, Corp
  • MedCom Professional Services, Inc.
  • Medical Bureau of Harrisburg
  • Nationwide Inbound, Inc.
  • Parker Corporate Services
  • Port City
  • Professional Communication Services
  • Quick Connections
  • Rochester Telemessaging Center
  • The Legacy Connection
  • Vanderbilt

Dispatcher Certification

The next step in the certification process is Advanced Agent Certification. This validates your agent’s proficiency in what many consider a critical component of call center work — proper delivery of the caller’s message.

  • Advantage TeleMessaging
  • Allgood Comm, Inc dba Executive Services
  • Allgood Comm, Inc dba PCS
  • Answer 1 Communications -- Phoenix AZ
  • Answer Quick
  • Business Extension Service
  • Emerald Coast Answerphone
  • Focus Telecommunications
  • Information Communications Group
  • MedCom Professional Services, Inc.

Supervisor Certification

Candidates are selected to participate in the Supervisor Certification program because their manager feels they have the potential to lead, coach, and support the CSR staff.

  • A Better Answer
  • ACC
  • Advantage Telemessaging
  • Alert Communications
  • AMAC -- ACT TeleServices
  • Ambs Call Center 
  • American Telecenters
  • Answer Quick
  • Answer 1 Communications, Phoenix, AZ
  • AnswerOne
  • AnswerPro Ltd
  • Available Communications
  • Call Control
  • Call Experts
  • Cosmo
  • Focus Comm Centers
  • Information Communications Group
  • Keener Comm
  • Keystone Answering Service
  • Main Line Telecommunications
  • Medcom Professional Svcs
  • Nationwide Inbound, Inc.
  • Quick Connections
  • Teleplex
  • The Legacy Connection

Site Certification

24/7 Site Certification Program sets forth nearly sixty [60] criteria that need to be met or exceeded. They represent the best practices that our telephone answering sites adhere to. 

About the Site Certification Process

A Peer Review process will administer the Certification program.Certification will involve the following steps:

1.Pre-inspection the criteria listing and check sheet is supplied to candidate site. Once the site feels they meet or exceed the criteria of readiness, they contact Dan L’Heureux to schedule the examination.

2.Site must make payment of certification fee $545.00 (and) inspection fee $600.00/day to ATSI before visit.

3.Examiner’s travel expenses to be reimbursed before issuance of certification. 

4.The qualified examiner (QE) will conduct a site visit to verify that all components of the desired certification level have been met. 

5.The QE will take digital pictures of the site for review by a randomly selected committee member. 

Certification is valid for 3 calendar years. 

Certification Process: Qualified Examiner

Up to two people from Gold certified site may be designated as a Qualified Examiner with approval of the SNUG Board of Directors. Each examiner may inspect up to 3 sites.

Qualified Examiners must:

1.Have at least five years experience in a management position. 

2.Authorized Vendor Training [either System or Technical Management] 

3.Must examine one site under the supervision of Dan L’Heureux (or another Qualified Examiner who has inspected a minimum of two sites) at own expense after own site is certified.

4.Must have a digital camera / smartphone and the ability to transfer image files electronically

24/7 Certification Hall of Fame

Telephone answering service sites that are currently ATSI or CAM-X Certified. Recertification required every 3rd year.

Company Name + Original Certification Date
MedCom Professional Services - dba Keystone Answering Service -- June 4, 2001
Answer Quick -- October 31, 2001
An*Ser -- February 12, 2003
Dexcomm -- January 7, 2004
Call Experts -- March 11, 2004
Focus Call Centers -- November 18, 2004
Towne Answering Service -- June 3, 2005
Cosmopolitan Medical Communications Answer Now -- May 19, 2006
Combined Communications -- January 8, 2007
AllGood Communications -- June 23, 2007
Connections -- February 22, 2008
Rochester Telemessaging -- April 11, 2008
Business Connect -- November 13, 2008
Mid-State Communications Advanced Answer-- November 13, 2008
A Better Answer -- February 13, 2009
Extend Communications -- August 30, 2009
Direct Line Tele Response -- October 13, 2009
MainLine Communications -- October 13, 2011
Northern Communications -- October 27, 2011
Intercon Messaging -- September 6, 2012
Advantage TeleMessaging -- October 15, 2012
A Quality Answering Service -- January 25, 2014
Billie Clarkes' Answering Service -- October 1, 2014