Get Ready for Fall

As Summer Winds Down, Now Is the Time to Plan for What Comes Next

You and your answering service have been in summer mode for a few months now. Exactly what that means depends on your management style, operation, and geographic location. Regardless of what summer mode looks like for you, there’s a different vibe in your answering service during the summer months than the rest of the year.

Though technically summer lasts for another month, effectively it ends soon, marked by Labor Day in the United States. Plan now to make the next season a good one.

Adjust Staffing Levels

Most answering services staff differently in the summer than they do in the spring and fall. Usually summer requires a higher level of staffing to make up for clients who are on vacation. This means you’ll need to scale back your schedule in a few weeks.

Cutting back on your schedule too soon or too much will result in being understaffed and not serving your clients to the best of your ability. This hurts your service level. However, not scaling back soon enough will result in being overstaffed and a bloated payroll. This hurts your bottom line. You want to avoid both scenarios.

If you’re not sure how soon to adjust and how much to adjust, look at last year’s numbers to get started.

Say Goodbye to Vacation Mode

Just as clients tend to take vacations in the summer, so does your management team and answering service staff. It seems like someone’s always on vacation, getting ready for vacation, or just coming back. This creates a vacation atmosphere in your office, and though the needed work gets done, extra work faces delays despite your best efforts to avoid holdups.

Once your office gets past a vacation mindset, attention to special projects and important initiatives can resume. Strive to make this mental switch as quickly as possible to capitalize on the opportunities before you.

Establish Key Goals

Because of summer mode and a vacation atmosphere, many leaders scale back on summertime goals and others don’t even pursue them. Whether this is acceptable or not, it usually occurs. But don’t let this mindset languish. Establish key goals for the fall now. Then embrace them with renewed energy right away. Don’t wait until September to consider setting fall goals. Do it now.

Seek A Big Win

Just because you’re in summer mode doesn’t mean you can coast for another couple of weeks. What big project or important initiative can you accomplish now, before summer’s over? Seek a big win to end summer and ride that momentum into the fall. It will make a huge difference.


Most people like summer, and though they continue to work, their work is usually a bit different. It’s not so deliberate or quite as intense. Plan now to slip out of summer mode and re-claim a more intentional focus for the fall. This will set you up well for the upcoming fall season and help move you successfully into the new year.

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