6 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in the ATSI Award of Excellence Program this Year

6 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in the ATSI Award of Excellence Program this Year

Independent, Third-Party Evaluation Drives Quality and Advances Customer Service Excellence

If you take part in the ATSI Award of Excellence each year, here’s a reminder of just how valuable it is. And if you haven’t yet taken advantage of this amazing tool or tried it before and dismissed it, here are six reasons why you should dive in this year.

1. Obtain a Third-Party Assessment

Everyone in the answering service industry talks about quality. Maybe you think your answering service provides high quality. Perhaps you aren’t there yet but are striving to get there. Or it could be you doubt that you provide quality service, even though you claim otherwise. But who knows for sure?

Self-evaluation can only take us so far, and too often we only see what we want to see. That’s why an independent, third-party quality evaluation is so critical. When the ATSI Award of Excellence program confirms the high quality of your work, that means something—to you, your employees, and especially your clients.

2. Discover Areas Needing Improvement

The statistical results of the ATSI Award of Excellence program will identify areas where your answering service can do better. This happens with every answering service that participates in the program. No one is perfect. Knowing where you fall short in providing quality service, will allow you to address and improve these areas. But without being part of the program, you’ll never know what you need to work on.

3. Realize Areas of Excellence

Conversely, the ATSI Award of Excellence program will confirm many skills your answering service excels at. It’s good to know these things, as well. By identifying your areas of excellence, you can affirm them with your staff and your trainers. Then you can take steps to make sure you maintain, and even build upon, these areas of excellence.

4. Rally Around a Common Goal

Taking part in the program provides a shared objective your whole staff can unite under. Having a main goal of improving quality through the Award of Excellence program can become the focal point that drives your efforts. When your staff pulls together around a common purpose, it draws them closer to each other and unifies them in better serving clients.

5. Set Your Answering Service Apart

Though not every answering service that takes part in the ATSI Award of Excellence program will achieve a high enough quality score to qualify for recognition, when yours does, it sets you apart in the industry. Some answering services try and fall short—and that’s okay—but too many of them don’t even dare to try. They know they don’t measure up and their quality is subpar, even though they claim something quite different.

6. Have a Reason to Celebrate

Last is having a party. Most answering services love to throw a party and look for any excuse to do so. But winning the ATSI Award of Excellence is one of the best reasons to celebrate. You’ve always said you provide high quality service, and now you can prove it. This is worthy of a party. Don’t miss this opportunity to remind your staff how good your answering service is and to thank them for their critical role in making it happen.


With all these reasons to take part in the ATSI Award of Excellence program, it’s shortsighted not to sign up and foolhardy not to try to receive recognition. Registration is now open. Enroll now to be included in this industry-leading program. Your participation could change everything.

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