Plan Now for Success This Year

A Failure to Plan Is Planning to Fail

Last month we talked about the importance of finishing the year strong to best prepare for the new year. Hopefully you followed some of the recommended steps and did indeed finish last year strong. Now you’re prepared to make the best of this year for your telephone answering service.

However, this won’t automatically happen on its own. To find success this year, you must plan for it. Here are some things to plan for if you expect good outcomes to happen with any amount of success.

Plan for Growth

Have you ever heard of an answering service wanting to get smaller? No. Instead answering services want to grow. With growth comes greater economy of scale, more opportunities, and increased revenue. Greater revenue is a prerequisite for realizing greater profits. So, plan now to grow your answering service this year.

You might want to grow through making a strategic acquisition. Or you might opt to grow through sales and marketing. Both approaches are viable, yet neither is bound to happen accidentally. Start the year by planning the steps you’ll take to grow your answering service this year.

Plan for Staffing Needs

In the answering service business, it seems there’s always people the hire. Usually this is for your front-line operations staff, but there are also other positions in your company you need to fill. Sometimes you can promote people from within, and other times you need to go out and find the right person.

Look at where you are today with your staffing levels, and look at where you want to be at the end of the year. Don’t forget to factor in staffing to meet your planned growth from the previous step. Now plan on how you will get there.

Plan for Technology Needs

Technology changes fast in the answering service industry. Yesterday’s leading-edge technology is today’s must-have solution. If you’re hoping to get by this year using the same technology you had last year, you risk the rest of the industry passing you by. If your competition has more technology available to them to serve their accounts, it will be hard for you to win new business from them.

However, if you’re the first to implement new technology, this gives you a competitive advantage and the ability to grow your answering service. This ties in with the first item, planning for growth.

Plan for Profitability

We’re in business to make a profit, right? Again, if we don’t plan for profitability, there’s a slim chance of it happening on its own. Although some people may opt to grow their answering service merely to hit some target number, most do it to increase revenue and therefore drive greater profits.


Maybe you’ve already planned for this year, but perhaps you only have some partially developed ideas in your head. Now is the time to finalize those thoughts and write them down. Share those plans with your key staff. Make sure they’re aware of what you hope to accomplish this year. This way they’ll be more likely to help you implement your plans and achieve your goals.

If you’re all playing from the same playbook, you’re much more likely to chalk up a win for this year. But it all starts with having a plan.

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