Driving agent engagement is a priority in every call center, regardless of size. The truth is, engagement is what drives motivation, increases performance and decreases turnover, making it a key factor for you and your Operation Manager’s sanity. 

When it comes to answering services and call centers, increased engagement has two main benefits: high performance and high retention.

In the section below, we are talking about agent engagement in more detail.

Centralizing Agents Needs To Increase Their Engagement?

Every agent is unique and motivated by different things. However, if you “group” their needs and wants into a centralized behavior management strategy that inspires engagement, here are some good practices to follow.

  • Purpose: The purpose of your TAS should be evident to every agent. When an agent connects with purpose, this is the driving force that inspires them to show their best work. Don’t promote “what” you do, promote “why” you do it — then watch the magic happen.
  • Potential: Make sure that agents receive something out of doing a good job such as a rewards or recognition program, private Facebook group recognition and holding a Spirit Week.
  • Play: Make sure that your team of agents has the opportunity to contribute, express their views, experiment, be creative and have fun.

When consistently implemented, these three factors are what every agent needs in order to increase their engagement with your call center.

Top 5 Ways To Improve Agent Engagement?

Call centers owners and operation managers should understand many aspects of their employees in order to create a better work environment — which include . . .

  1. 1.    Hiring The Right People

Even though it may seem like a no-brainer, hiring the right people is the main prerequisite for success in the call center industry. Find out who your best call agents spend time with. Remember, “birds of a feather, flock together”.

  1. 2.    Know The Pressure Agents Feel

There’s a lot of pressure being a call agent. These may include pressure to show up on time, especially when they don’t have transportation, the pressure to reduce abandonment rates, and pressure to reduce call wrap time, just to name a few. If you create an environment where purpose, potential, and play coupled with accountability (yes, people like to be accountable), as a part of your company culture — these factors begin to fade away.

  1. 3.    Create A Sense Of Purpose

Committed agents are always ready to go the extra mile. Show them where their contribution makes a difference to your clients and your TAS.

Share “WOW” calls and any customer recognition with your team. Post great customer feedback in your private Employee Facebook Group so as to highlight the desired employee behavior and how it aligns with your company’s purpose.

  1. 4.    Manage The Development Process Systematically

Another important factor when it comes to driving higher agent engagement is the focus on the agent’s progression. In order for them to grow, your agents need to be trained systematically.

The best way to do that is to build a culture of learning that focuses on questions such as:

  • “Why are we doing what we do?”
  • “What do our customers value?”
  • “How does our work benefit the company and the callers?”
  • “What new skills, behaviors, and tools are required?”
  • “What does success look like?”

This will allow them to see the bigger picture — enabling your agents to grow on many levels.

  1. 5.    Team-Based Learning

To engage agents, it is important to give them a voice. So, get them together and listen as they identify things that could be improved on and have them take responsibility for sharing their learning with their supervisors. It’s a great way to positively impact your operational efficiencies.

In the end, every TAS owner should be constantly around, getting involved and supporting their agents, paying attention to what they are saying and making a difference while focusing on the company’s purpose. This leadership style will deliver a huge ROI

Creating a culture that is based on purpose and inclusion will help your call center thrive. Driven on potential, purpose, and play, agent engagement will increase. This will motivate your employees to do their best — especially during every call they take.

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