Top 5 Benefits of Joining ATSI

Top 5 Benefits of Joining 

The Association of TeleServices International

If you’re in the answering service or call center industry, joining a professional association can provide you with many benefits. By becoming a member of the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), it’s a win-win scenario for call centers and similar organizations because while they receive opportunities to network with other industry professionals, they will also get the training and education needed to learn more about growing a profitable TAS business.

Here at ATSI, we take pride in holding the umbrella for hundreds of professional call centers, answering services and contact centers. Here we are listing the top five (5) benefits of being an ATSI member.

1. A Community of Peers — Not Competitors

Members are bonded together as they share and advocate for each other. Joining ATSI means that every member gets a competitive advantage while becoming informed about our industry, legislative initiatives and other issues that impact our industry.

The networking opportunities provided by ATSI are unparalleled compared to other associations. We give our members a chance to connect with their peers, mentors and other industry leaders to learn from one another. Members are able to attend conventions, seminars, webinars and other related events with like-minded professionals. Together we Learn by Association.

Attending our annual conference is an incredible opportunity for every TAS owner and key management members to meet, network and learn from their peers. This gives everyone a broader perspective of the marketplace and the teleservices industry in general.

2. Education

As part of ATSI, TAS owners can keep up with the newest developments through the association's ListServ, courses, newsletters and other educational opportunities that are provided to them.

Through our exclusive online resources available for members only within the ATSI University, we give TAS owners access to exclusive courses and certification programs that enhance their technical expertise.

Additionally, ATSI conveniently offers all of the certification courses that owners, operations managers, and call agents need to demonstrate success. For ATSI, new members are a mutual benefit as they add tremendous value as to how to improve the industry as a whole and have a positive influence on our existing members.

3.   Professional Development

At ATSI, we pride ourselves on offering the best courses to our members — establishing a viable pathway of continuing education. 
Our professional development materials give an opportunity for each member to polish their communication skills and learn about new trends and advancements in the field. Access to research material and industry information is another great reason to join our professional association.

Our HIPAA Compliance tools and training offer the best methods to reduce risk and a great way to ensure your TAS is compliant by implementing our effective HIPAA agent training, certifications and access to our industry-standard Business Associate Agreements.

4.   Protection

It is amazing how legislation impacts our industry. ATSI advocates on the federal level to protect our industry and our members. We’re committed to providing the very best advocacy tools. ATSI members come to Capitol Hill on a regular basis to meet directly with federal agencies and decision-makers to discuss industry challenges and educate them on our needs.

ATSI is proud to offer our members the skills and techniques to help them advocate for themselves and to keep our members up to date on challenges and opportunities facing the profession.

5.   Promotion

ATSI is proud of having hundreds of members who continuously innovate, create new trends and promote best practices with each other. We are here to support each one of our members and strive to give everyone an opportunity to promote both their successes and their needs, and to collaborate with key vendors and other service providers. Being a member of ATSI means that you are always in a good position to innovate, set new standards and take your success to another level — with each other

If you are interested in joining us and setting the bar higher for your TAS business, you can do that now at a discount! Get your first year of ATSI membership dues for half of the regular price. For more information, visit this page or contact us today! 866-896-2874.

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