Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

A Guide to Pre-Employment Testing for Call Centers

The call center industry has changed so much over the past several years, bringing a new set of challenges that pre-employment tests can best address. Nowadays, TAS owners and Operations Managers have to be prudent when hiring call center staff. If they aren’t, the performance of their staff may lead to higher turnover, lower productivity, and compromised service delivery.

Call centers typically experience a turnover rate close to 45%, and the cost to replace one agent can be 25% to 30% of a full salary plus a benefits package. On top of that, it is believed that 78% of consumers have backed out of a purchase due to poor service from call center employees.

All of this leads to the importance of pre-employment testing and the role that it plays in a call center. Below, we are expanding on this point in detail.

Why Use Pre-Employment Testing for Your Call Center?

The voice of a company is its primary brand identity. It is also how consumers perceive the value of it.

Hiring the best call center staff is a priority for every TAS/Call Center. The best way to ensure that is with pre-employment testing. By having an effective testing platform, managers will be able to reduce turnover, reduce the time to hire and increase productivity for your staff.

The truth is, most call centers use a combination of tests that focuses on examining candidates’ skills, personality and attention to detail. At ATSI, we recommend an advanced pre-employment testing process that focuses on identifying the best candidates who are coachable, adaptable to change and have a transferrable skillset that is linked to long-term success in their potential call center roles.

CAM-X Pre-Employment Testing for Call Centers

Effective call center hiring is critical and having the right people can make a big difference between losing and keeping new clients. We take pride in collaborating with CAM-X (The Canadian Call Management Association) and endorsing C-PET (CAM-X Pre-employment Testing) to carry out professional call center testing. C-PET includes assignments that identify candidates with the potential to thrive in today’s challenging telephone answering environment.

Call Agents who have the talent to succeed can contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and make a real difference to your clients. The testing process consists of six main sections, including:

  1. Alphanumeric: The alphanumeric data entry tests come in different formats examining the speed and responsiveness of the candidate with various combinations of uppercase characters (A-Z) and numeric characters (0-9) — scored in WPM (words per minute).
  2. Reading Comprehension: This section assesses the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend information quickly. The test is strictly timed so that they have to read the passage quickly and answer the questions accurately.
  3. Spelling & Grammar: The writing tests in this section are specifically designed to evaluate the candidate’s grammar and spelling.
  4. Time Zone: Call centers receive calls from everywhere around the world. Knowing that it is necessary to display data in the respective local time zone, a candidate will be evaluated on their knowledge of time zones.
  5. Typing: This section analyzes the typing speed of the candidate. The typing skills are expressed in words per minute scores.
  6. Audio/Comprehension, Message Taking and Call Handling: Communication at call centers happens over the phone, which is why it is critical to know how to listen, take messages/notes and handle calls properly. The tests in this section are designed to evaluate a candidate’s performance across all of the above-mentioned processes.

From listening to typing and speaking, call center professionals are required to be flexible and meet the needs of each caller. In order to do this, they should demonstrate patience, professionalism, and accuracy in all areas of message taking and dispatch.

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