Educating Congressional Members And Legislators About Our Industry

ATSI Hill Walk

Educating Congressional Members and Legislators About Our Industry

November 18, 2019, was the date that several ATSI members participated in the 2019 ATSI Hill Walk. The goal of this journey was to educate Congressional Members about our advocacy, the importance of our industry and increase awareness of the issues that affect our members.

With two full days of advocacy training and Hill visits, our Washington Legislative Counsel started the tour by visiting the Capitol Dome and continued to the Statuary Hall, then went to the Senate and many other checkpoints.

The journey immersed ATSI member attendees, who got to stand on the floor of the U.S. Senate — a floor shared with many important politicians and key decision-makers in the history of the United States.

After this tour, ATSI members attended many seminars, including a Congressional session. They gained better insight as to what the process entailed and were able to experience a briefing from a high-ranking Capitol Hill staff member on how to convey information to key legislative leaders and lobbyists on behalf of ATSI members. By attending and meeting with staff and Congressional members, ATSI members were able to share their knowledge and set the stage for solid relationships that are sure to take our TAS community to the next level.

ATSI Is Committed to Providing the Best Advocacy Tools for the TAS Industry
Aside from the Hill Walk itself, one of the main goals of our organization is to provide the best advocacy tools to ensure that all members have a strong voice on Capitol Hill.

ATSI has an obligation to offer the best tools and techniques to educate our members on how to effectively advocate for themselves as well as keeping them up-to-date on challenges and opportunities facing our industry. 

Here is a great example of how ATSI members address and bring to light current challenges regarding HIPAA regulations and what legislative bodies can do to support our industry. The ATSI Hill Walk team is always here to provide education and bring forth a sense of urgency by connecting ATSI members with key people from the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Congress, and address various issues regarding current legislation.

A Community of Respected Peers
Keeping our member community informed is critical to the success of our industry. Any ATSI member can participate in our annual Hill Walk. We encourage members to engage with us each other through events, daily digests and a variety of other methods, including our online member web portal and, of course, our Listserve.

When it comes to building a successful community, we know that staying connected is the pathway to better performance and improved business. Attending events like the 2019 ATSI Hill Walk is a great proof of this.

Become a Member and Start Leveraging These Benefits
With ATSI, you can learn more about the TeleServices Industry, share ideas, and elevate your performance through focused programs, new studies and ongoing support. With more than 200 answering services and call centers in our membership base, we are internationally recognized and committed to the success of each member.

Our mission is to assist you and help you succeed by providing the necessary support through leadership, education, peer-support, and training. The 2019 ATSI Hill Walk was a perfect example of knowledge sharing, learning more about the industry, and following up to see new trends that will impact the TAS industry for 2020.

Become an ATSI member and ensure your voice is heard, especially on Capitol Hill. Call today! 866-896-2874.

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