ATSI 24/7 Site Certification

How Obtaining the ATSI 24/7 Site Certification Can Help You Achieve Maximum System Run-Time

Obtaining an industry certification is a process and definitely lends itself to a powerful third-party endorsement that can be leveraged, especially for your sales and marketing team. Not only will it assist you with advancing your business, but it also positions your telephone answering service as a leader in our industry.

At ATSI, we take pride in being able to offer our 24/7 Site Certification to members who want to gain a competitive edge. Our program is designed to assist owners with identifying and implementing the most effective procedures that can help them achieve maximum system run-time — adding another layer of business continuity.

Areas of Compliance 
Evaluating telephone answering services and call centers in nearly 60 areas of compliance is a comprehensive process that focuses on key specifications that should be at least met and ideally exceeded. These key areas of compliance were designed by our Certification Committee and they represent a collection of best practices and guidelines for obtaining this exclusive credential.

The 24/7 Site Certification is one way to set your telephone answering service apart from others. This program is a voluntary peer review program, designed to assist ATSI members in identifying and implementing procedures to assist with achieving maximum system run-time.

The primary challenge of acquiring this level of certification is in the preparation that’s required in order to qualify. Upon receiving the ATSI 24/7 Site Certification, your TAS site will have to meet and satisfy all of the areas of compliance in accordance with the program.

Documentation showing a high degree of proficiency in the following areas include:

  • Recovery Techniques
  • Effective Business Practices
  • Process Documentation
  • Redundancy Procedures Supporting 24/7/365 preparedness

Site Certification Qualified Examiners 
We have enlisted the support of an esteemed group of examiners, each of whom are qualified to inspect up to three sites. We are proud to have Mike Leibowitz and Allan Fromm as Amtelco qualified examiners, along with Chris Bell, Gary Cooper, Beth Cooper, Dirk Moeller, Drew Ritter supporting our Startel members and Dan L’Heureux with Pinnacle, OnviSource, Telescan and Szeto platforms.

In order to be deemed and selected as a qualified 24/7 Site Certification examiner, the following criteria must be met:

  1. At least five years of experience in a management position.
  2. Startel Technical Class Certificate of Completion.
  3. Must examine one site under the supervision of Dan L’Heureux or another qualified examiner who has inspected a minimum of two sites.
  4. Must have a digital camera and the ability to transfer files electronically.

Platforms That We Work With 
Our Site Certification program is available with the following platforms:

  • Linx TAS System Call Center Site Certification: A program designed to help you strengthen your Linx TAS System and enhance operations, and certify your general business practices, operations, equipment environment, system maintenance, emergency procedures, and personnel practices.
  • NAEO Call Center Site Certification: Enhance your Amtelco Infinity System by certifying personnel training, evaluation and hiring practices, network security, emergency procedures, system maintenance, and equipment operations. 
  • PIN Call Center Site Certification: Improve overall efficiency and ramp up operational strength in key areas, including equipment proficiency, system maintenance, back-ups, general business practices, and much more. 
  • SNUG Call Center Site Certification: Enhance your equipment operations, network security and internet access, system maintenance, emergency procedures, and personnel practices. 
  • TUNe Call Center Site Certification: With TUNe, you can enhance your business operations and review the best practices in safety, equipment, system maintenance, emergency procedures, and personnel practices.

In Summary 
The ATSI 24/7 Site Certification will definitely improve your business continuity and enable you to be recognized as a leader within the TAS industry.

Contact ATSI today for more information about how to obtain the ATSI Site Certification so you can support you with achieving maximum system run-time for your TAS or call center.

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