Business Continuity During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Business Continuity During
The Coronavirus Pandemic

Every business and organization, including our members, should have an effective business continuity plan in place; and who would have thought we all would have to prepare and pivot for a pandemic such as COVID-19.

With the global emergence of a new strain of a virus named COVID-19, now is the time to revisit your ability to shift your TAS business and continue to thrive without interruptions to operations and service delivery. At ATSI, we continue to closely monitor the fluid situation daily and are taking all the necessary precautions and keep our members informed on all levels.

The truth is, business continuity in our industry is so important — especially when there is a lot of uncertainty and information is changing by the minute. Below, we are talking about many TAS business-related challenges that may arise as a result of this pandemic and how to manage them in the best way possible.

TAS and call centers have now been deemed an essential business. We support other essential and non-essential businesses so they can serve their clients and, in many cases, patients.

Support with Unforeseen Challenges
The fact that the COVID-19 virus is spreading fast puts us all in a position to connect with each other frequently — keeping our own lines of communication open.

For any unforeseen challenges you may be experiencing, be sure to leverage the knowledge and experience from our Listserve members who constantly share best practices, concerns, and solutions.

What we are seeing during this crisis is how our members are successfully navigating through this unprecedented time. Our members are nimble and able to bridge the communication gap for many and as stated, we are essential especially to other essential businesses.

We are one industry, one team supporting each other. We are here for you and will continue supporting our members with information as it pertains to conducting business during this crisis. We will keep you informed with up-to-the-minute policy and legislative changes.

Transitioning to Remote Operations
With this particular virus, we are faced with a lot of uncertainty and rapid-fire information. Indeed, no one knows how far the pandemic will spread, how long it will go on or what is coming behind it. Still, a lot of our members have begun taking proactive measures and deploying their employees to work remotely to help prevent the spread. Many ATSI members already have a staff of remote agents — even before this crisis. They are ready to assist with sharing their processes so that others can transition successfully from both a technology perspective and a human one.

Call centers allow businesses to be significantly more flexible. Our members are the ideal solution for not only essential businesses but non-essential ones as well.

Do You Have A Business Continuity Plan in Place?
If not, you will want to reach out to ATSI as well as your colleagues on the Listserve. If you already have a business continuity plan in place, chances are you have already shifted into action and a new normal.

At ATSI, we encourage our members to take the step forward and communicate with each other as we continue to learn by association.

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