Marketing Considerations for Uncertain Times

Marketing Considerations for Uncertain Times

Make Sure Your Advertising and Marketing Approach Is Strategic and Not Reactionary

When in the middle of uncertain economic situations, where future business prospects loom more evasive than usual, knowing what to do when it comes to marketing presents a challenge. The marketing you do today for your telephone answering service will affect sales now and the number of prospects in your sales funnel for months to come.

While considering changes to marketing plans is a complex deliberation with many moving parts, the reality is that there are only three basic ways to move forward. Once this fundamental strategy is determined, the more detailed ramifications become easier to deal with.

Scale Back
Faced with increased traffic and overstretched telephone operators, some answering services cannot fathom the idea of taking on any new business and thereby adding to the madness they’re currently undergoing. For these services, a wise strategy seems to be decreasing marketing efforts for this season. In fact, their situation may seem so haggard that they even opt to cease all marketing initiatives until things return to normal.

Reducing or stopping marketing campaigns will allow these answering services to focus more fully on the work of their existing clients. Then, once things settle down and return to normal, they can resume their marketing efforts and begin to refill their sales funnel.

Ramp Up
The opposite approach to pulling back on advertising may seem counterintuitive in a time that is more uncertain than usual. However, increasing marketing efforts now may pay off huge—both in the present and for the future.

First, if other answering services have reduced or ceased their advertising and marketing efforts due to uncertainty, this offers more opportunities for those who continue to promote themselves. This suggests the possibility of increased sales outcomes at a lower cost due to less marketplace competition.

Second, this is a time when businesses may, for the first time ever, consider outsourcing their communication needs to an answering service. Wouldn’t it be great if you’re the service they hire? But for them to consider you, you must make sure you’re doing everything you can to let them know you’re available and ready to serve them.

Maintain Everything
A third marketing strategy is to keep all existing efforts at their current levels. This will allow advertising to continue as is, generating leads and feeding the sales funnel. This no-change approach removes the need to make any tactical marketing decisions. The goal is simply to sustain the status quo. This will supply new business to make up for churn and hopefully generate some growth. It will also deliver leads to nurture now to produce sales in the future.

Of these three basic marketing strategies, scaling back may seem like the best approach. But it’s also the one most likely to jeopardize the future.

Maintaining the status quo may be the safest approach, not overreacting while waiting for things to return to normal. This, of course, assumes that things will at some time return to normal.

Increasing marketing efforts presents the greatest risk—increased expenses. It also offers the highest reward—a nice spike in organic sales.

Which path will you choose?

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