The Value of Being an ATSI Member

The Value of Being an ATSI Member

Member value is defined as the benefit that business owners receive from the association to which they belong. At ATSI, we are proud to have hundreds of members in the telephone answering and call center industry who not only recognize the value ATSI delivers but have experienced it first-hand.

As a user-centric association, we enable members to Learn by Association and receive strategic guidance from our staff and other members. This is fundamental to what we do and how we collaborate with each of our members, ensuring continuous progress toward the future.

But what are the specific benefits of being an ATSI member?

We Are Here to Advance Your Interests and Improve Your Business
First in the list of benefits is the core mission we all have at ATSI – to help you improve your TAS business through education, resources, and networking. We promote fair competition through the pursuit of appropriate regulation and legislation.

Under the ATSI umbrella, your telephone answering service business will be protected, guided, channeled, and supported. We are here to actively address present challenges and elevate our industry’s voice on Capitol Hill. All of this helps us maintain the highest standards of ethics and services.

We Focus on Education
The best way to describe our focus on education is through the ATSI Educational Foundation,  built to assist TAS owners in building a better future and bridging the gap between local and international markets.

ATSI thinks globally. We are continuously collaborating with industry professionals, adapting their strategies, and supporting programs that benefit the entire TAS industry.

Finally, we fund projects which include education opportunities, video recorded learning opportunities (webinars), and programs that contribute to our HIPAA training platform. We have assisted many members to thrive in the competitive landscape and inspired others to explore, become new members, and again — Learn by Association.

ATSI University: An Online Learning Platform Full of Products, Training and Toolkits
ATSI University is one of the most beneficial resources for our valued members. It’s an online learning platform that allows you to access educational opportunities that are sure to improve your business and your profit.

You can choose from a growing number of products, including:
- Agent HIPAA training (with proof of annual training and certification of HIPAA compliance
- Benchmarking tools
- Quizzes that help to measure performance
- A custom and branded online learning management system for each member

ATSI offers multiple subscription and payment options for the ATSI University platform. For more information, please visit this page.

Be Part of the Annual ATSI Conferences
Every year, the ATSI Board of Directors announces the Annual ATSI Conference that is held in a different U.S. location every year. This is an event where you can learn more about how to improve your business, get the support you need, and network with your peers in our industry.

Due to the pandemic that is still present, we have unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 ATSI Annual Conference, June 2–4, in Kansas City, Missouri. We will be updating all of our members about the possibility of hosting a virtual experience to celebrate our Award recipients and host our annual membership business meeting.

Want to Join ATSI? Here Is Your Special 50% Discount (applies to regular memberships only)
New members joining ATSI now have an opportunity to receive all of the benefits at half of the regular investment. Our membership dues are now as low as $75 per quarter, allowing everyone to experience the value that ATSI brings to the telephone service industry.

So, whether you own a call center, a telephone answering service, or any corporate entity in the TAS industry, we are now giving you a 50% discount on regular memberships (excludes Auxiliary and International memberships).

For more details about joining ATSI, visit this page or contact us today at 866-896-2874.

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