How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Since mid-March, we all have been relegated to operating in a non-traditional working environment, thanks to COVID19. Experts say that we are witnessing “the world’s biggest work-from-home scenario in history.”

Most of our ATSI members and their respective employees continue to work from home, and productivity levels can undoubtedly fluctuate. The real question, though, is how can you keep a remote staff engaged in a work-from-home environment?

Below, we list some actionable tips and strategies to support and increase workplace engagement for at-home employees.

Schedule Daily Check-In Meetings
Daily and even weekly meet-ups with managers and supervisors are an excellent way to ensure your call agents feel connected. When the call queue allows, schedule these meetings to discuss new accounts, changes to existing accounts, recognition, upcoming operational changes, etc.

When your remote team can hear and see where their contribution makes a difference in your TAS business, they are more apt to be engaged with the bigger picture. Even if these meet-ups are short, they can help your team feel connected, and a new cadence of productivity will start to gain momentum.

Ensure Timely Breaks and Encourage Exercise
Ensure timely breaks for remote employees and encourage regular exercise. Studies show that physical inactivity can have severe implications for people's health. A fun way to keep employees healthy is to start a team exercise challenge. This can keep at-home employees healthy, excited, and involved as one team.

Here is an excellent list of 17 virtual team building games and activities to help at home employees stay connected and engaged.

Recognize and Reward Great Work
If you are a manager, you should regularly recognize great work and interact consistently with your team. Whether it’s a group conversation or an all-staff email, mentioning those who are consistently going above and beyond will help them feel valued and show them that their work gets noticed and is appreciated.

Here is a list of five best practices that are great for recognizing remote employees.

Allow Some Flexibility
Working from home sounds great, but this type of environment has challenges. For instance, some employees have to manage their school-age children with distance learning, while others have to take care of elderly parents. So how does that work in a call center?

Nowadays, allowing some flexibility will improve employee retention and provide them with a sense of balance. By doing so, you send a message that you care about their life and not only about the work they do.

Final Thoughts
Many ATSI members have had a remote staff for years, so this is nothing new to them. Reach out on the list-serve and solicit best practices from other members so you can continue to pivot in our new virtual world successfully.

We hope that this short list of suggestions can spark some ideas and help you improve engagement with your remote workers even more. After all, even in times of crisis, these are the things that matter in life.

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