Is Your School in Session

Is Your School in Session?

Students Going Back to School Reminds Us to Never Stop Learning

This is the time of year when students of all ages return to the classroom. Most have taken a summer break, and now it’s time for them to resume their studies. In doing so they’ll acquire knowledge and skills to move them towards graduation and prepare them for what happens next.

Yet even when a student receives that final diploma, this doesn’t imply there’s nothing left to learn. We should always be in the mode of expanding our minds and growing as individuals. This means that to be successful, we should never stop learning. Just as students have returned to the classroom to advance their education, we, too, should follow their example.

Here are some considerations:

Learn New Material
Explore a new topic. This could be an area that you’ve always wanted to learn about but never got around to it. It could also be a recent development that didn’t use to exist. Consider things you find interesting, will benefit your work, or can advance your company. It’s a bonus if the subject you pursue covers all three areas. It’s a learning trifecta.

What fresh area should you pursue?

Expand Existing Information
The information on most any subject changes over time, often expanding and sometimes correcting what once was. Don’t assume that what you learned years ago or once mastered has remained static. Instead, assume that new developments now exist, waiting for you to explore.

As the scope of knowledge about the subject changes, be sure to keep up to date and don’t let developments pass you by, leaving you mired in what once was. If you have an out of date perspective in a certain area, any decisions you make relevant to that topic will be suspect, shortsighted, or even wrong.

Don’t fall victim to being a master of obsolete information. Stay up to date.

Develop New Skills
Going to school isn’t only about acquiring knowledge. It’s also about expanding your abilities.

For example, have you mastered each one of the communication channels your answering service uses to gain new business and meet the needs of your clients? Though it’s important you have a working knowledge of how each communication option functions, it’s also critical that you have the skill to use each of those channels. For it is only as you use them that you will fully comprehend their potential and be able to make the most of them in reaching your prospects and serving your clients.

As you develop new skills, you prepare yourself to best lead your answering service.

Seek Ways to Teach Others
A final consideration in education is not what you will learn but what you will teach to your employees. Personal growth benefits you directly and helps others indirectly when it guides your decisions and informs your vision.

However, you can maximize the impact of the knowledge you acquire when you teach it to your staff. This multiplies what you know, helping people to grow as individuals, and to do their job more effectively. And a bonus is that as you teach, you better master the content yourself. Instructing others benefits both the teacher and the student.

Take the Next Step
Now is the time to develop your personal education curriculum. What do you want to learn? Seek areas that interest you, will benefit your answering service, and will help grow your business. Pick one subject and pursue it. Start today. Then share what you’ve learned with your team.

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