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Congratulations to the 2020 ATSI Award Recipients

Congratulations go out to all of the ATSI members that earned the 2020 ATSI Award of Excellence and Call Center Award of Distinction awards. 

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2020 Learning By Association Award Winner

The Learning By Association Award recognizes the many contributions members of our industry make to one another on a daily basis. Recipients are well known within our community for their generosity of spirit in sharing the insight and knowledge they have gained over their years in the industry. This year’s award recipient was Tim Neville, STATCALL, Alexandria, VA. Tim Neville embodies the “learning by association” mantra; often sharing his best practices, insights, lessons learned, and business acumen on the industry listserve and through the association’s events.  

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2020 ATSI President's Award

The ATSI President’s Award honors those that have demonstrated exemplary volunteerism, commitment, and passion for the industry.  President Joseph Pores recognized and awarded an outstanding ATSI member with the President’s Award.

Jim Reandeau from Focus Telecommunications, Inc. in York, PA was honored with the 2020 ATSI President’s Award for his leadership within the ATSI community.  

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2020 ATSI Awards Maryann Wetmore Lifetime Achievement Award

President Pores bestowed the Maryann Wetmore Lifetime Achievement Award on to Linda P. Wilson with A1 Professional Answering Services, Inc. Layette, LA for her significant contributions to the industry. The Maryann Wetmore Lifetime Achievement Award was developed in 2014 and is named in honor of industry leader Maryann Wetmore, an industry visionary and leader.  This award is presented to individuals that have made significant contributions to the industry. 

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2019 ATSI Hall of Fame

Dolores Hawkins, A Better Answer Call Centers. Plano, TX was recognized as the 2019 ATSI Hall of Fame award recipient.  The Hall of Fame award shows appreciation to individuals for their contributions to the industry.  Like many Hall of Fame inductions, this award is presented to an individual that has been involved in the industry for decades, has left lasting marks of leadership, integrity, and a long list of tremendous accomplishments.  Hall of Fame recipients embodies exceptional leadership, ethics, and industry success.  President Joseph Pores awarded Ms. Hawkins with this prestigious award.   

For a full list of ATSI Hall of Fame recipients, click here

ATSI Announces Award of Excellence and Call Center Award of Distinction Recipients

ATSI Award of Excellence and Call Center Award of Distinction Recipients were honored at the 2020 ATSI Annual Conference’s Virtual Awards Gala hosted on July 20, 2020. The ATSI Award of Excellence program recognizes excellence in customer service – considering the caller first in all aspects of the call. The ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction scores recipients on a broader scope of service, including the ability to follow a script without sounding robotic, and giving the impression of deep knowledge about the call.

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Answer Quick Re-Certifies as Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award

Answer Quick, a division of ASCO, Inc. is a pioneer and founding member of the committee and continuing advocate of the entire certification program.  Answer Quick has re-certified and received the Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award; an earned honor for the 16th year in a row!  For more information, click here, for the full press release.

How to Prove You Provide Quality Answering Service

When it comes to providing quality answering service, there are no limits as to how far an answering service can go. When you compete on quality it’s a race to the top, the exact opposite of competing on price, which is a race to the bottom. Most answering services claim to offer quality communication, but most of the time they have no proof. But how can they prove they provide quality service? The best way is by earning verification from an independent third-party testing agency. <<read more>>

Rochester Telemessaging Center Re-Qualifies for ATSI Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award

For their fourth consecutive time, Rochester Telemessaging Center (RTC) re-qualifies for this prestigious award.  The Certification indicates that RTC has met or exceeded high standards in the following areas:  business practices, life safety, operations, including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training, and ongoing evaluations through a peer review program focusing on 99.9% annual run time.  For more information click here.