Auxiliary Members are organizations or individuals sharing common interests with and desiring to support and promote the purposes of ATSI, including, but not limited to, those regional organizations or individuals engaged in selling or providing products or services to the TAS industry. Auxiliary members are important partners in our collective industry and ATSI is the conduit for connecting business owners and association members with Auxiliary member services, opportunities, and products. 

ATSI Auxiliary Members adhere to the same business vision and mission as ATSI, which recognizes the value of delivering best-in-class products, providing outstanding customer service and conducting business with solid, strategic and ethical business principles. ATSI  Auxiliary Members provide insight into new product development and provide feedback on various business strategies through clearly established open channels of communication.

Current Auxiliary Members:


Amtelco -  You Found It – The Most Complete Communications Suite, Tools, and Best Support You Need to Succeed. Amtelco’s mission has always been to provide the best communications solutions for your call center, healthcare organization, and automated notification workflow needs. Amtelco and Telescan have been innovators for over 40 years. Together, Amtelco and Telescan offer the TAS industry a unique breadth and depth of technology and service to meet their call center business needs.



Startel -  Startel, Professional Teledata, and Alston Tascom joined forces to deliver best-in-class contact center solutions. By merging, the combined organizations further expand their product offerings, broaden their markets and enhance technical resources and expertise.



TruVoice Telecom - TruVoice Telecom is committed to delivering our own brand of professional headsets at a fair price. We are confident that our headsets have been designed & manufactured to withstand the rugged Office and Call Center environment that we are the only headset company that will back their products with a lifetime guarantee – All of the other brands only offer 2 or 3 years coverage.

All our headsets come with the correct connection cable for your system free of charge, just let us know which make and model of phone you are connecting to, and we will eliminate the compatibility headache for you. For ease of integration and to prevent any swap out issues, all our headsets come with a Plantronics Style QD Connection and will seamlessly work with any existing solution you have in place. We also offer Free Shipping when you purchase any of our TruVoice range.

We established ourselves in 2016 and have always prided ourselves on our customer service and extensive technical expertise. We will always be available for your needs or inquiries whether you prefer to call us, e-mail us, or chat with us online at

We are excited to be able to offer the TAS industry a high quality and comfortable headset solution. All ATSI members will be eligible to take advantage of our membership discounts.




ProHIPAA We know that HIPAA compliance is stressful and time-consuming. Imagine having a guide to walk alongside you to build and maintain your compliance program. When your Answering Service needs to be HIPAA Compliant and you don't know where to start we are here to help. ProHIPAA Provides Online-OnDemand Compliance Training, Guided Risk Assessments and we can even create your required Policies and Procedures.

Visit us today to schedule your complimentary Risk Review @