Team SNUG is made up of industry leading call centers service providers and Health Systems utilizing Startel call center equipment. Our members who range in size from 3 to 100+ seats, work together to help each other succeed. Our members are made up of people just like you, facing the same business challenges and opportunities. Membership in SNUG provides the invaluable opportunity to network and brainstorm with other successful call centers. Whether attending annual meetings, conversing with other members by phone or on the SNUG email list serve, you will find that SNUG members are eager to share ideas that will help you succeed. 

Upcoming SNUG Events:

SNUG Annual Meeting

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Agent Excellence Preview

Supervisor Excellence Preview 

Customer Service Excellence Preview 

The DVDS are $299 each or all 3 for $599. For more information on purchasing please contact Dan at:

 [email protected]   or    763-473-0210